About UHMS

Usvathun Hasana Muslim Sangam


Over the years, UHMS has involved itself in a wide range of community activities.

UHMS manages Hameedia Madrasa to impart religious education in Kilakarai. Puthupalli was built anew by UHMS and re-opened in January 2000.

UHMS manages Usvathun Hasana Community Centre in Kilakarai. Various social functions like marriages are hosted here.

Through Usvathun Hasana Charitable Trust, which has its own building in Chennai, UHMS has been helping destitutes by way of pensions and other means for the last few years.

UHMS also manages the sanitation needs of melatheru on its own. Couple of spacious playgrounds - one for men and another for women - are also maintained by UHMS.

Various members of UHMS - in their individual capacity - are also rendering laudable services to the community. It includes -

  • a fully equipped, modern hospital in Kilakarai
  • homes for destitutes throughout Tamil Nadu
  • jobs for over 5000 people of various communities in the Gulf and other places