About UHMS

Usvathun Hasana Muslim Sangam


is located in Kilakarai, one of the greatest historical coastal city, in the southern tip of Indian Sub-Continent. UHMS was founded in Melatheru (West Street), around 1920’s and takes its roots from Madrasathul Hameediya.

UHMS was even though founded by our grandparents in early 1937, it was formally registered as in 1944 and it operated purely by its members. UHMS membership is restricted and compulsory an organization / association / society / trust to all individuals of 16 years and hailing from UHMS Community.

Over the years, UHMS as an association and many UHMS members in their individual capacity have rendered great services to the society - in the areas of education, business, religion and community welfare.

More than a social organization, Usvathun Hasana Muslim Sangam can be more aptly described as a closely knit community.